Guide to obtaining new driver’s license

Once upon the time, getting a driver license in Nigeria could be a terrible experience, much more the possibility of ending up with a fake driver’s license. However, with the restructuring across relevant parastatals carried out by the government, getting a driver’s license is now quite easier. Here are the steps to getting a new driver’s license:

Step 1:    Complete training at an accredited driving school. Going through an accredited driving school makes the next step easier.

Step 2:    The school would present you to the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) for driving test.

Step 3:    Ensure you pass the driving test, then the VIO issues you a Certificate of Proficiency.

Step 4:    Apply in person at the Driver’s License Centre (DLC). You will be giving a driver’s        application form to fill.

Step 5:    Pay the license fee online or at the designated banks. Print the acknowledged slip        containing your transaction number and payment details.  Keep your teller or e-transact for verification purpose.

Step 6:    Present your form to the Board of Internal Revenue Officer (BIR) or VIO at the DLC for endorsement.

Step 7:    Proceed to Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Officer at the DLC for Biometric Data     Capturing.

Step 8:    A temporary driver’s license, valid for 60 days, will be provided to you.

Step 9:    Pick up the original driver’s license at the BIR Office.